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AWA Experience: Luxury Services for an Unforgettable Vacation. Our AWA brand stands out for offering premium services, known as AWA Experience, to ensure our guests a stay of absolute luxury and comfort.

We are committed to providing a unique vacation experience, taking care of every detail and satisfying the needs of our clients. Choose AWA Experience for an unforgettable luxury vacation.

AWA Beach in Mondello, Palermo: Private Beach for an Absolute Luxury Experience.

AWA Experience is committed to providing its guests with an exclusive and unforgettable vacation, with special attention to detail and customer care. One of the most prestigious examples is AWA Beach, the private beach of AWA Mondello, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the crystal-clear sea in an exclusive and reserved location.

Our beach assistance service provides personalized arrangement of umbrellas and sunbeds, beach towels, food and beverage service, and an experience of absolute comfort to ensure a luxury vacation for our guests at the private beach of Mondello, Palermo.

AWA Beach: Private Beach for a Luxury Experience. Personalized beach assistance service with umbrellas, sunbeds, beach towels, and food and beverages for a vacation of absolute comfort.



AWA places great emphasis on the gastronomic experience of its guests, offering gourmet dishes prepared with high-quality local ingredients and paired with fine wines, curated by our dedicated chefs. Guests can enjoy a candlelit dinner overlooking the sea or a wine tasting in an exclusive cellar. Choose AWA for a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

AWA at the Principe Alogna Hotel & SPA offers a wellness center with spa services and a wide range of personalized massages and treatments. Our gourmet restaurant serves dishes from the local cuisine prepared by dedicated chefs using high-quality ingredients.

AWA at the Principe Alogna Hotel & SPA also offers its guests a comprehensive wellness center with spa services, providing a complete experience of relaxation. At our wellness center, guests can choose from a wide range of personalized massages and treatments to relax and rejuvenate. Additionally, the Principe Alogna Hotel & SPA features a gourmet restaurant where guests can indulge in carefully prepared dishes from the local cuisine by dedicated chefs, using high-quality ingredients.



AWA offers a personalized escort service that accompanies the client throughout every stage of the journey, from booking to enjoying the vacation. Our highly qualified staff is always available to provide information about our services, offer advice on accommodation choices, and assist in planning activities during the stay.

Please fill out our contact form to request more information about our facilities and services. We are delighted to answer all your questions and assist you in organizing your next luxury vacation. Contact us now for an unforgettable experience with AWA!

AWA provides personalized escort service throughout the entire journey, from the moment of booking to the enjoyment of the vacation. Our highly qualified staff provides information about our services, offers advice on accommodation choices, and assists in planning activities. Contact us by filling out the contact form for more information about our facilities and services for an unforgettable luxury experience with AWA!

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